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-----------------   Oracle© Implementation   -----------------

We understand that evolution is the key to digital transformation and companies need to use every possible tool at their disposal to maximise their success.

A strong partnership to support your journey to innovation using Oracle© is essential on your path to transformation and we will help you accelerate the implementation of your Oracle© ERP, EPM and HCM solutions enabling quicker return on your investment and benefits realisation.

We can support you in accelerating the implementation of the right solutions for you and assist in enhancing business performance, no need to reinvent the wheel or spend more money on it, we will help with solutions built for the future and crafted for success.

Our methodology is designed to ensure you see results from your Oracle© investment far quicker than was previously possible. Our approach is very different from others, whilst our implementation methodology is a hybrid of Oracle© Unified Method (OUM), PRINCE2 and Agile it the way we deliver that differentiates us.

Our methodology is split into four discreet steps:

  1. Planning & Design - The project is scoped, design items such as Chart of accounts are agreed and a proposed system design is defined, initial configuration completed and played back.
  2. Configure/Build - More detailed configuration is completed and replayed in second Solution Overview workshops where final design changes are settled upon.
  3. Verify - System Integration testing and User Acceptance testing completed.
  4. Transition - Production environment configured, data migrate, end user training occurs and system goes live.

Our methodology is highly scalable, which means we can have small implementations completed in less than 4 months but equally apply it to more complex projects which on average can be completed in 5-7 months.